Discover Lindau and its outskirts

Information on  exhibitions, congresses, conferences , fairs and points of interests in Lindau and its outskirts.


CONFERENCES being held on the Lindau Island in 2017

Tagung der Internationalen Gesellschaft für Tiefenpsychologie e.V. >>
30. Oktober bis 03. November 2016
the 67th Lindau Weeks of Psychotherapy
9th - 14th April and 16th - 21st April 2017

the 67th Lindau Nobel Laureate Meetings
25th - 30th June 2017
6th Lindau Meeting on Economic Sciences >>
22nd - 26th August 2017

FAIRS in 2017

World of Bikes Bodensee
27. bis 29. Januar 2017
Tuning World
28. April bis 01. Mai 2017
KLASSIKWELT BODENSEE (an Oldtimer Fair) >>
19th - 21st Mai 2017
18th - 21st June 2017
30th August - 2nd September 2017
23rd September - 1st October 2017
17th – 21st Oktober 2017


Bregenz Opera Festival
19th July - 20th August 2017

the 362nd Children Festival Lindau
26th July 2017


52nd Lindau Oktoberfest
September 2017 (exact dates to be announced)

Lindau Fun Fair
4th - 7th November 2016


Lindau Harbour Christmas Market
23th November - 17th December 2017 (always on Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays between 11.00 to 21.00)
on Sunday 26th November closed


the famous Lindau Puppet Opera >>

to be visited all year round 




The Lake of Constance Cycling Track >>

Lindau Yachting Days "Rund Um" >>
16th - 18th June 2017

44th International Bikemarathon "Rund um den Bodensee" >>
9th  September 2017

the 3 Countries-Marathon “3-Länder-Marathon" >>
8th October 2017



Bike Rental in Lindau

Fahrradverleih Unger >>
Lindau, Inselgraben 14
T: 08382-943688

Fahrradverleih Radgeber Lindau
Lindau, Wackerstraße 11, Tel: 08382 98 93 400, Fax: 08382 98 94 402

Weitere Fahrradverleihe >>

Weitere Aktivitäten und Freizeitmöglichkeiten in und um Lindau >>



Ravensburger Spieleland:

The exciting place to play where not only children will surely have their fun!

Get ready to keep you brain cells busy and enjoy the adventurous journey through the Ravensburger Spieleland.
Try yourself on the fire brigade pump contest, whizz with a hippo through the water ride and say hello to Bear the Captain.
In the middle of the beautiful countryside and close to the Lake of Constance, there are more than 40 attractions on the area of 25 square metres waiting to be explored by you!



Hiking is one of the most popular activities of the locals here at the Lake of Constance – seems funny at the first sight, but located just a 30 minutes drive from the closest mountain, Lindau really is a good starting point for even a mountain tour in the near Austrian Alps. For a start – why not try to climb the Pfänder, the highest mountain of Bregenz, an austrian city just some 6 kilometers away from Lindau, and enjoy the beautiful view from the very top? It is easy to do, a cable cabin option may quicken the ascent.

There are many ways how to spend and enjoy your time here in Lindau. So why not to come and find out?